... In Brief:

C.A.A. Dellschau was a butcher, who emmigrated in the 1800's from Germany to America.

Then, as he was retired, he decided to draw a hundred( a thousand??) of drawings of airships, very detailed and very colored. The drawings were found in the 1960's and -- sorry for that -- a hipe arround these drawing was made in the US, because everybody was asking theirselfes, how a butcher became drawing airships. Some of the drawings were sold at NewYorker Galeries for a huge price ...

For me the only question is : Why should he have not ? Isn't  America the land, were everything is possible??

Dennis Crenshaw wrote a book about him, It should be published in Spring 2005 ... I'm looking foreward to read it.


1. Oktober 2009 :

Dennis Crenshaw publishes his book about C.A.A Dellschau.

Here (www.secretsofdellschau.com )you can read more about. 

I enjoyed reading the Pre-published version !



.... in long:

Here are some Details about C.A.A Dellschau for all of them, who want to know a little bit more of him.

First, there is no possibility to proove, if he was a member of our familiy -- but there is also no possibility to proof, that he was not a member of our family. So, I hope you understand, what I mean.  Dellschau, Delchaw, Delcher, Delachau, and others was a very popular name in the area of berlin in the times of 1750 to 1850 -- so there are many possibilities to made mistakes somewhere somehow ...

It was 1990 or 1992, I stumbled over the name Dellschau in the Internet. 1990 was the very early beginning of the Internet we know today,  before we had something like  ftp, gophers and some other tools making it possible to link to other nets/boxes dispatched over the whole world.  I sat before a Unix-Box on an Internet "knod"  and I had to search something for my studies -- we in Aachen had one of them -- and so I was bored,  because I had typed in the search box already twenty different words -- and so I typed "dellschau" in the box, just thinking, I would reget the two or four links of my own "publications" I typed half a year before ...

There was a list of twenty (!) different documents, I didn't ever heard before.

Mostly came from "Keely.net" (I don't know, if this still exists), others endet with ".us" or ".com" -- I was very surprised. I was even more surprised, when I read the textes: "UFO's", "area52", "greengas and many other, strange themes were in relation with the name "Dellschau".

Shortly: Over the years from then until now, I had many interesstant short and long email-connections over the whole world concerning C.A.A. Dellschau -- all discussion was :

1.) How could a butcher become drawer/designer of airships with some very interesstant details.  

2.) What was his role in the sonora air club ??

3.) Family Realtionship ???

These questions are all  responsed by the book of Dennis.

June 2012

found : http://www.charlesdellschau.com/bio.html

Important is here charlesdellschau.com

Sometimes ... I look  at the hitlist of google refering "dellschau". Sometimes ... it seems there a few new topics.



I saw a nice Wikipedia entry with many topics and informations about him. My congrats to this article and to the authors. 

--> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Dellschau



Robert Dellschau